Community engagement

Building local communities

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Our commitments

Since 1896, Arendals Fossekompani has contributed to building local societies. We are passionate about developing the Arendal region and support several engagements in and around Arendal and Froland.

Engagements include culture, sports and humanitarian / community-oriented purposes. We support partners and projects that promote sustainability, gender equality and societal development. We prioritize children and young people, and non-profit purposes and organizations. We do not contribute to purely commercial initiatives.

Criterias for our community support

Culture, sports, humanitarian, community-oriented purposes

Special focus on sustainability, gender equality and societal development

Organizations/initiatives must be non-profit

We prioritize support for children and young people

How to apply for community support

We welcome applications and invite you to submit your application by clicking the button below, and filling out the application form. We do not support purely commercial initiatives, or individuals. We will respond to your application 1 month after the deadlines below.
Application deadlines: 15th of March and 15th of September
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Arendalsuka is an annual national meeting place for politics and business. Ever since the inception of Arendalsuka in 2012, Arendals Fossekompani has been a supporter and main sponsor.


Canal Street

Based in Arendal, Canal Street is an annual music festival featuring Norwegian and international artists. The festival uses the maritime environments and distinctive venues that the district has to offer. Arendals Fossekompani owns 25 percent of the company behind Canal Street and is also a sponsor of the festival.

Løkholmen 7730


Formerly an industrial area, Løkholmen has been transformed into a popular green islet for recreational activities.


Local sportsteam

We proudly support local sportsclub ØIF Arendal, Jerv and Arendal Fotball, all engaged in contributing to the society beyond sports achievements.

Together with ØIF Arendal we collaborate on "Strandyddedagen" where young teams clean the beaches in and around Arendal. The support for Jerv has been earmarked for the establishment of a fund to help children in low-income families, as well as the club's street team. The support for Arendal Fotball is divided equally between the women's team and the men's team. Other sponsorship include Arendal Tennisklubb and Froland IL.

Questions regarding partnership and sponsorhip?

Feel free to reach out!

Hanne Watts

Hanne Nyborg Watts

VP Communications & Sustainability

Send email +47 974 04 496