Powering progress with solar energy

ENRX is a global green tech firm focusing on customized energy transformation. They deliver the right energy – for charging or heating – in the right format for various automotive and industrial applications.

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The company is a part of Arendals Fossekompani’s global portfolio and has more than 1100 employees in 19 countries around the world.

Reducing reliance on non-renewable sources
ENRX’s technologies contribute to more efficient manufacturing processes and transport flows with low or no carbon footprint.

Green technology is a strong starting point. However, the company’s choices extend beyond the products they offer and how they manufacture them. Recently, ENRX marked a new milestone at their state-of-the-art production facility in Bengaluru, India.

“We are very proud to announce another significant milestone with the launch of Phase 2 of our solar power system which will more than double its power capacity,” says Managing Director Vishal Lodha.

First-hand impressions
Executive Vice President of Arendals Fossekompani, Håkon Tanem, visited ENRX’s production in Bengaluru and says,

“It was a pleasure to see Phase 2 of the solar power system completed. With this expansion, this specific facility will effectively cut their dependency on non-renewable energy sources.”

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Executive Vice President of Arendals Fossekompani Håkon Tanem (center left)

The panels installed during Phase 1 of the project- completed in March 2023- were strategically placed on top of the covered parking lot and are designed save 175 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

The second phase panels are placed on the rooftop of the plant and boast an even higher capacity.

With a projected lifespan of 25 years, this solar power system is expected to mitigate 8610 tonnes of CO2 emissions over its lifetime, equivalent to the environmental impact of planting 13,776 teak trees.

A new standard
All over the world, customers have now started to demand eco-friendly products, and in the B2B market buyers are increasingly concerned with their suppliers’ commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors.

A new standard set by the customers has caused many companies to realize the financial gain in responsible business. “Zero capital was invested in this project. Instead, ENRX will purchase power from the company that set up the system at approximately 25% less than the grid rate for the next decade, which is highly cost-efficient,” says Håkon.

“We wholeheartedly welcome this. As ENRX views sustainability not as an obstacle for business, but as an opportunity to ensure long-term growth,” says Vishal Lodha.

ENRX Vishal Lodha Managing Director India
Managing Director Vishal Lodha (left)