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Developing for the Road Ahead

Two portfolio companies of Arendals Fossekompani, AFK Property and ENRX, have joined forces in anticipation for future growth.

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AFK Eiendom 2
facade of the new extension on ENRX's headquaters in Skien, Norway

Arendals Fossekompani’s portfolio company ENRX- A green tech firm producing inductive heating, charging and power transfer with low or no carbon footprint for manufacturing and mobility applications worldwide- is preparing for their future.  

The company’s headquarters’ at Bølevegen 4 in Skien was purchased by Arendals Fossekompani in 2020, and plans for the extension began shortly after.


“This project was designed for and carried out to ensure ENRX has the facilities they need to meet the demands for their impressive growth,” says Tom Krusche Pedersen, Property Manager at AFK Property.

AFK Eiendom 4
The newest building houses production facilities, storage and office space.

“We are grateful to AFK for recognising and understanding our needs so quickly,” says Managing Director at ENRX Norway, Merethe Pepevnik. “We are very fortunate to have owners who support us in this way.”

A quick pivot
Originally, the extension of the original building was planned to be the new cantina for ENRX employees. On a site visit, AFK Property learned more about the ENRX’s growth and foreseeable needs and quickly steered the original plans into a new direction, officially dividing the building into three sections: Office quarters, production, and storage. 


Completed in March 2024
Residing just along the Skien river at 2500 kvm, the 60 million NOK extension came with its challenges.

“The current building is placed in an area that was subject to quicksand,” says Pedersen. “So, we spent a lot of the time with remediation and stabilizing the foundation before the building process began.”

“This is an industrial area in Norway that has undergone enormous development. I believe we’ve built a dynamic facility that falls in line with the short-term and long-term plans of ENRX,” says Pedersen.

A yellow construction vehicle parked on a gravel lot near a gray industrial building.

“The new building will make us much more efficient, which in turn will make us more competitive,” says Merethe Pepevnik. “It will also help us reinforce our goal of being a great place to work. The work environment is now significantly improved in so many ways. It is brighter, safer and much more pleasant to be in. I believe this contributes in a big way to make our employees happy and proud of their workplace.”


The Managing Director is eager to praise her colleagues at ENRX. 


"It is truly amazing how they have persevered through this period of construction chaos and increased workload, and that we have managed to increase our turnover by an impressive 63 percent during this time," she says.

About ENRX:
ENRX is a global green tech company on a mission to speed up the journey for a sustainable future.  They offer inductive heating, charging and power transfer with low or no carbon footprint – technologies that provide value in manufacturing and mobility applications worldwide.
ENRX | Induction heating and wireless inductive charging

About AFK Property: 
The portfolio of AFK Property is diverse. In addition to Bølevegen 4 in Skien, it includes the development of a new urban residential area in Arendal, featuring an outdoor recreational space and a public water park – and the management of several properties in Southern Norway.
Property - Arendals Fossekompani