Providing critical satellite communication solutions

Communicating with family, friends and business is part of daily life, but for portfolio company NSSLGlobal customers it can also mean the difference between life and death.

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NSSLGlobal has been providing critical satellite communication solutions to defence users at sea, on land and in the air for over 40 of the company’s 55-year history. Throughout the decades the company has consistently introduced innovative solutions to bolster defence communications, especially during the peak of combat, counterinsurgency, and counter-terrorism operations.

Yet, the current rate of change for defence users is arguably more rapid than in any period in recent decades. This acceleration is driven by global events, such as the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, which has reshaped the strategic landscape for NSSLGlobal’s defence and government customers.

Concurrently, the surge in investment and development in the wider satellite communication market, notably around broadband Low Earth Orbit broadband capability, presents both fresh challenges and new opportunities. These shifts are setting new user expectations in an ever evolving and competitive market.

Against this backdrop of changing expectations, geo-political and technological developments, NSSLGlobal has continued to build upon its excellent engineering reputation across the government and defence sector in key European countries.

This includes steady growth reflecting not just increased demands of existing customers for both defence and peacekeeping activity, but also greater penetration within those customers – such as recent multi-year, multi-nation tender wins in the areas of entertainment, Wi-Fi, dockyard communications, and 5G, as well as large scale system integration projects across European defence customers.

The defence use of satellites is to enable forces to know where they are, what is happening around them and communicate with who they need to – Position Navigation and Timing (PNT), ISR and Satcom.

The conflict in the Ukraine has clearly illustrated the utility of space-based capabilities to a wider audience including the need to leverage commercial networks for military use, to have layers of systems and to be able to move them quickly to avoid being found and hit. This demonstrates the need for small Satcom terminals and also Satcom on the Move. All of these lessons are informing and shaping the requirements for NATO Allies and Partners.

Another key aspect for supporting defence users is assurance and security of the supply chain, something NSSLGlobal has always taken seriously.

It is critical for NSSLGlobal to work with both our customers and our supply chain partners in an ethical, open, and sustainable way. We will not work with de-listed players, or those that are not transparent in their operations. We constantly monitor what is happening across the globe, get updates from our teams – many of whom are ex-forces with established networks –we exhibit at key industry events, and are often invited to present, write articles and sit on panels, most recently in Poland and the UK

Sally-Anne Ray, Group CEO at NSSLGlobal.

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About NSSLGLobal

Headquartered in the UK, NSSLGlobal employs 250 staff, with half of its employees based at the head office in Redhill. The company also boasts a global presence through its strategically located 11 regional offices across Europe, Asia, and US, ensuring proximity to its key governmental and blue-chip maritime customers, and offering comprehensive ‘global but local’ engineering support worldwide. Over the last few years, NSSLGlobal has diversified from simply providing satellite communications services, to designing, building, and maintaining fully integrated solutions including services that plug into or go over those satellite communications including managed IT, cybersecurity and entertainment packages.

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