Out-of-this-world communication

Communications solutions from NSSLGlobal are out of this world. Literally.

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Master mariners such as the Vikings, looked to the stars to aid with navigation as they searched for new frontiers. Today, companies such as NSSLGlobal, use science and technology to help us to communicate with each other as we continue to navigate our way across land, air, and the oceans.

Since pre-historic times humans have been fascinated by the night sky gazing up to the stars trying to decipher the celestial constellations. Future generations will be viewing moving ‘stars’ made of man-made satellite constellations.

There are over 4,500 active satellites in the sky with 50 per cent being communication satellites. Satellite communications are critical for areas on the planet where telecommunications networks are not commercially viable or are inaccessible because of the remote geographic location or when that infrastructure is fractured during natural disaster or conflict.

“Utilizing these commercial satellite constellations is only the start. Since 1969, NSSLGlobal has been working in the maritime and government mobility markets providing vital communication to over 25,000 users on sea, land and air across our secure global infrastructure,” says Sally-Anne Ray, Group CEO of NSSLGlobal.

As a satellite network operator and system integrator NSSLGlobal taps into the extra-terrestrial diverse network providing global connectivity. NSSLGlobal design and build secure data and voice solutions allowing its customers to conduct everyday business ranging from the simple need to make a call, video conference, email or document sharing – to the operation of navigational and ship bridge communications, remote diagnostics and monitoring and crew welfare and entertainment services.

NSSLGlobal supports rapid mobile deployment in areas of natural disaster and conflict – for governments, NGOs, charities, and the media. In addition, NSSLGlobal helps marine wind farms, rigs and global maritime blue-chip customers to safely operate in the deepest oceans, meeting statutory IMO regulations and providing crew wellbeing, as well as providing global maritime distress and safety at sea assurance. NSSLGlobal also provides heads of state and government clients the ability to communicate securely

“Working in an increasingly digitalized environment, we enable smarter and more sustainable solutions. Combined with our global engineering capability, unrivalled availability, experienced account management and 24/7 aftercare services, our customers are always in safe and trusted hands,” explains Sally-Anne Ray.

In the next few years, the satellite communications sector is expected to witness an exciting new phase in satellite technology development with many new satellite entrants competing with the more established satellite operators. The maritime industry is also experiencing major changes with the launch of autonomous shipping expecting to bring many environmental and safety benefits.

Sally-Anne Ray states, “This increases the vital importance of secure and reliable communications. We will continue to offer our customers high availability, low latency, high-speed, future-proof communications, enabling them to securely and reliably operate anywhere in the world.”