Construction of new hydropower plant could start soon

Arendals Fossekompani is about to enter the construction phase of the new hydropower plant Kilandsfoss.


“If everything goes according to plan, we will initiate the construction of Kilandsfoss hydropower plant in early March,” says Camilla Levinsen, Project Manager at Arendals Fossekompani and portfolio company Vergia.

Located in the river Nidelva, between Arendals Fossekompani’s existing hydropower plants Bøylefoss and Flatenfoss, the run-of-the-river facility will produce 38 GWh per year, equivalent to the energy consumption of approximately 2,000 households.

“The Agder region needs more power, Norway needs more power, and the world needs more renewable energy. Building Kilandsfoss is a small contribution to this. We are very excited to get started,” says Levinsen.”

Kilandsfoss hydropower plant will extract more energy from a river that already provides lots of energy to society. The flow of water in Nidelva has been regulated by the hydropower industry for more than a century.

Partners in the Kilandsfoss project are the municipalities of Froland and Åmli, each with one-third ownership. Estimated build time is two years and Kilandsfoss hydropower plant is scheduled to produce electricity in 2025.