Arendals Fossekompani's Finance and Communication Seminar

This year’s Finance and Communication seminar was held in Amsterdam. A place where water is both a threat and great resource. The city where the very first stock exchange was founded, and a vibrant hub filled with international influence. The perfect location to look back on history to carry the company forward.

Amsterdam use 4ish

Arendals Fossekompani's aim is to develop the potential of our existing portfolio by actively working with the companies within the group. We invest our financial resources, skills and creativity in forward-looking industries. As active owners, we make it a priority to get to know the people who drive our companies forward. By providing opportunities to broaden and share their knowledge, we can grow together despite being in varying industries. 

On May 28th, around 50 collegues within the Group gathered at the historic Anantara Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in the centre of Amsterdam for a two-day seminar.

Day one

On day one, we had the pleasure of listening to:


“Macro economy and geopolitical risks from a Dutch, European and Global perspective.” -Albert Jan Swart, a Sector Economist Industry, Transport & Logistics, ABN AMRO Bank

 “The future is a feature, not a bug “-Daria Krivonos CEO, the Copenhagen institute of future studies

“Tulipomania and Amsterdam finance”- Simon Lelieveldt, financial history expert


Day two
On day two, communications and finance teams commenced with the seminar that featured: 

 “The merger of financial and non-financial reporting “. “Board of Directors expectations of the CFO and finance function“ and  “Financial reporting hot topics”- PWC. 

Meanwhile, the communications teams invested in their own interests with:
“The Power of Branding in Industrial Growth“- Jarle Wathne Johansen, owner and designer with Form Studio

“Technology-driven design and branding processes” -from Tobias Bæck, CEO of Bakken og Bæck

 “International scaling - What to think about when crossing borders, “-Maaike Voeten, Commercial Director, Aexus


The wrap up 

Saying goodbye to our colleagues and was easy. Many of us would speak again by the end of the week with the newfound ease that comes with shared experiences.
Arendals Fossekompani would again, like to extend our thanks to all the speakers for providing us with knowledge and fresh insights to how we can continue to improve.  And a special thank you to members of our portfolio companies who made the annual seminar the huge success we strive to recreate every year.