Ready for the electric revolution

For more than 70 years, EFD Induction has been a trusted supplier of induction heating solutions to automakers around the world. Now, the company aims to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to electrification of the automotive industry.

EFD Induction

“Nearly every car you see on the road contains one or more components that have been heat treated with equipment from EFD Induction”, says CEO Bjørn Eldar Petersen. “With our unique eco-friendly technology, we have made car production cleaner, safer and more efficient.”

Today, industry players are gearing up to go green as sales of electric cars are racing ahead. Many major car manufacturers pledge to completely phase out their production of fossil fuelled vehicles within the next decade or two.

“We are committed to a sustainable future and wholeheartedly support the shift towards electrification of passenger vehicles”, Petersen says. “In 2021, we have worked to show the industry just how much induction technology can contribute to a future of carbon-free driving.”

In fact, induction technology is ideal for the manufacturing of electric vehicles, and based on their long experience and knowhow, EFD Induction is perfectly positioned to give expert advice on how to make the overall carbon footprint of electric vehicles even smaller. EFD Induction’s heating solutions are used for refining components you will find in all modern electric cars – from brazing conductors and hardening driveshafts to bonding the panels and the battery cell’s casing. In the motor itself, induction is used to braze, harden, bond and shrink-fit a large number of parts.

“For the sake of passenger safety, automotive components must be heated to the very highest standards and solutions must meet the automotive industry’s tough cost-control demands”, Petersen says. “Satisfying these demands has made EFD Induction the leader at devising induction heating solutions unmatched for productivity and reliability. We also work with many tier-one suppliers and sub-contractors, helping the industry make top quality products whilst minimising their harmful emissions.”

“Obviously, there is also an economic aspect to sustainable vehicle production”, the CEO points out. “And this is where EFD Induction will prove its value as a partner. Our highly efficient equipment will not just contribute to reducing the use of energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Raised efficiency, reduced material usage, higher uptime and lower operation costs make them the obvious choice for car manufacturers that wish to lower their environmental impact whilst making a healthy profit at the same time.