Building tomorrow’s green energy park

“We are excited to share our vision of the most sustainable industrial park in Europe,” says Per Olav Collin, Project Manager of Bøylestad Energy Park.

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Back in June 2021, Arendals Fossekompani announced plans to build a large industrial park at Bøylestad, the Agder region’s most powerful national grid connection point. Today, the first illustrations of Bøylestad Energy Park are presented, showing 1,800,000 square meters industrial acreage located on the doorstep of the Norwegian power system operator’s grid substation.

“Bøylestad Energy Park offers direct connection to the national grid ensuring enough electricity for power intensive industries, such as players in the battery value-chain or producers of advanced materials,” Collin says. “A direct plug-in to the region’s strongest power hub means shorter regulation time and lower energy loss.”

The development team behind the energy park project has spent the past six months planning overall solutions and details, including roads, railway connection and water cooling. According to the Project Manager Collin, ‘going green’ is more than a saying.

“We are committed to creating a truly sustainable project”, Collin explains. “The plan is to reuse as much excess heat and water as possible to create a green ecosystem within the park’s borders. We are also exploring how to use green roofs and landscaping to ensure a good environment for people, birds, and insects.”

Bøylestad Energy Park is owned and developed by Arendals Fossekompani and local landowners at Bøylestad. The consortium has strong historical ties, dating back to the early 1900s, when AFK purchased land to build nearby Bøylefoss hydropower plant, which is still essential to AFK.

“In many ways, we are going back to the roots of AFK with this project. More than 100 years after the construction of the still operational Bøylefoss power plant, we are back to create jobs at Bøylestad,” Collin says.

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