Vindholmen Eiendom (Bryggebyen)

At Vindholmen, three kilometers outside Arendal city center, Arendals Fossekompani converts an old maritime business area into a new living district.

Vindholmen Eiendom (Bryggebyen)

The 67 acres property was transferred from AFK to the subsidiary Vindholmen Eiendom AS in 2018.

The transformation from industry to mainly homes was approved by the city council in February 2018. There is now an area plan for the entire district, as well as a detailed zoning plan for the first four construction phases. When finalized, Bryggebyen will consist of 700 homes build in 12 stages.

The area is considered to be very attractive due to its proximity to the sea, its proximity to public transport and good sun conditions. The first stage of construction consists of approximately 6,500 square meters BRA-S divided into 82 apartments. Sales start in the spring of 2019. Pending satisfactory sales, the first residents will move in early 2021. The entire project is planned to be developed over 10-15 years. Vindholmen Eiendom is the builder of the project.



Ownership AFK

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