Tekna is a globally leading supplier of materials for 3D printing in the aerospace, medical and automotive sectors. Tekna's advanced nanomaterials are set to make an impact in electronics and batteries industries.

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Tekna’s automated industrial process combines the power of inductively coupled plasma and repeatability for ‘24/7’ production of high yielding advanced, high-quality powders. Tekna’s expertise of the plasma process has helped remove all engineering obstructions and maintain a technological lead. Tekna innovates and evolves every day to meet the industry’s requirements of the two product lines that are plasma systems and advanced materials powder.

Plasma systems are using patent protected technology and are designed and manufactured in the Sherbrooke plant. Tekna strictly controls each stage of the processes from conception to commissioning. Its systems are designed to perform with the utmost precision for many applications developed internally with the company’s R&D and engineering teams.

Tekna is amongst the world leading producers of high value-added powders. Metallic powders are mainly used in additive manufacturing and electronic products. Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, allows for the design of complex metal parts that are lighter, more efficient and environmentally friendlier than conventionally manufactured parts.

The proprietary technology used by Tekna to produce powder is perfectly adapted for these fast-growing markets. It is exciting to contribute to the manufacturing revolution led by 3D printing and connected devices, in turn enabling the fabrication of products that have never been seen before. Tekna is currently creating the content for tomorrow’s history books.

Built on more than 28 years of delivering excellence, Tekna is a global player recognized for its quality products and its commitment to a multinational client base, who are leaders in their respective markets.

Tekna’s headquarter is located in Sherbrooke, Canada.  The company operates manufacturing centers in Canada and France, as well as sales and distribution offices in China, India and South Korea.

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