Markedskraft is an independent service provider in the Nordic power market and a strong driver for a transparent and ethically responsible market.


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Having pioneered the market since 1992, Markedskraft offers deep insights and understanding of the power industry, and is the only independent service provider that can assist throughout the entire value chain, including advisory services, risk management, financial portfolio management and physical handling and settlement.

By being a frontrunner for a transparent Nordic energy market, Markedskraft contributes significantly to the development of an efficient market for green energy. Markedskraft has no market position of its own, which means that they deliver independent services, and give the entire value of the market back to the customer. This is also documented by their MiFID II license that serves as a promise of transparency to their customers.

This transparency is especially important in markets like the market for guarantees of origin (GOs) as it is a very a complex and inscrutable market for customers. By screening all counterparts, they contribute to the advancement of responsible trade, which makes Markedskraft a progressive frontrunner for the development of an efficient, green market for energy.

Today Markedskraft serves clients in the Nordic countries from offices in Norway (Arendal and Oslo), Sweden (Stockholm), Denmark (Aarhus) and Finland (Helsinki and Kankaanpää).

  • Headquarters: Arendal, Norway
  • Ownership AFK: 93,3 %
  • Chairman of the Board: Morten Henriksen
  • CEO: Christian Sønderup


Arendals Fossekompani (AFK) is an industrial investment company that invests in energy and technology related companies with an international market potential. AFK is also a producer of hydro power, a property developer and a financial investor.