Glomsdam Hydropower Plant (PROJECT)

Glomsdam hydropower plant is under planning in Glomsdam at the outlet of Fyresvatn in Telemark.

Glomsdam kraftverk AS is owned by Vest Telemark Kraftlag (50 %) and by Arendals Fossekompani ASA (50 %).

The Nowegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has done a review of  the concession to operate Glomsdam kraftverk. NVE states that the project will not lead to appreciable damage or disadvantage for the public. According to NVE the project will not require a concession to operate according to the Norwegian water resource law § 8. Detailed plans for the project will require approval from NVE before construction can start.

The hydropower plant will utilize tile height of fall below the existing dam at Glomsdam. From Glomsdam and to the lake Drang is another height of fall of approximately two meters. In order to increase the fall height, the project includes canalization to the lake Drang, to lower the water level below the existing dam construction.

Facts about Glomsdam
Intake: 279 mas

Outlet: mas 273 mas

Gross fallheight:  6 m

Drain capability: 44 m3/s

Installed power: 1,8 MW

Annual production: 7,27 GWh


Arendals Fossekompani, AFK, is a green-tech investment company that owns energy- and technology-related companies which enable the transition to a green economy. AFK is also a producer of hydropower, a property developer and a financial investor.