Cogen Energia

Cogen Energia builds and operates cogeneration power plants for higher energy efficiency, reduced CO2-emissions and increased competitiveness.


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Cogeneration uses surplus heat from gas-based electricity generation to produce heat, steam or cooling for industrial partners.

Cogen operates in the Spanish market, managing a portfolio of  more than 14 cogeneration plants with an electric capacity above 260 MW in most relevant industrial sectors;  paper, food industry, chemical, textile, cheese manufacturing, and more.

Cogen was founded in 1999 with the objective of developing and operating cogeneration projects and with the commitment of helping the industry to reduce its energy costs, as well as to improve the security and quality in the supply of energy necessary for its industrial processes.

Cogen solutions include 1) Operation and maintenance of cogeneration plants, 2) Energy management and optimization, 3) Investments that increase energy efficiency and 4) Outsourcing of energy assets.

With the Spanish energy reform carried out in 2014, it has become clear that with specialized and efficient management of assets, cogeneration continues to be the most efficient technology to meet industrial processes that simultaneously demand heat and electricity. Cogen builds long-term relationships based on the principles of transparency, independence, commitment and reliability; and offer modular solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each industry.

Introduction to Cogen Energia

  • Headquarters: Madrid, Spain
  • Ownership AFK: 100 %
  • Chairman of the Board: Morten Bergesen
  • CEO: Antonio Quilez


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