Bøylefoss kraftverk

For more than 100 years, Bøylefoss Hydropower Plant has delivered electric power to the industry and households.

Bøylefoss Hydropower Plant was commissioned in 1913, and was for the better part of the 20th century solely supplying the Eydehavn industrial area. Power was produced at a special frequency (25 Hz) for the local industry, and could not be exported to the national grid.

Today, the hydropower plant has a total of eight generators commissioned through various expansions from 1927 up to the last addition in 1974. All turbines are of Francis type, and the 25 Hz generators were finally converted to 50 Hz during the last half of the 1980s.

Facts about Bøylefoss:

  • Intake: Haugsjå Dam
  • Height of fall: 62 m
  • Length of tunnel: 2 km and 250 m pipeline
  • Generator: 8 sets
  • Nominal water flow: 125 m3/s
  • Installed Capacity: 65MW
  • Average annual production: 400GWh

Video of Bøylefoss:


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