ESG strategy webinars for all employees

EFD Induction invites all employees to attend a webinar on sustainable growth and responsible operation.

Ingunn Ettestøl, Head of Sustainability at Arendals Fossekompani, and Bjørn Eldar Petersen, CEO of EFD Induction will talk during the ESG webinars.

“For as long as we have been in business, EFD Induction has provided eco-friendly heating solutions and taken responsible corporate choices. Sustainability and other ESG issues are already a natural and positive part of the way we work. Now, we must prove this by reporting and communicating why our solutions are good for the people the planet and the profit,” says CEO of EFD Induction Bjørn Eldar Petersen.

Together with Ingunn Ettestøl, Head of Sustainability at Arendals Fossekompani, Petersen invite all EFD Induction employees to join webinars on the company’s ESG efforts.

The market is increasingly concerned with what is commonly referred to as ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social and corporate Governance. This refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of a company’s conduct, its investments and its operation in general.

“To be successful, each and every one of us must do our part. ESG must become the DNA of everything we do,” says Petersen.

To accommodate for the time difference, the webinar will be held on different days for Europe, the Americas and Asia during the first week of December.