Local Commitments

Arendals Fossekompani is committed to contributing to good local communities in areas where the company operates. In and around our headquarters in Arendal and Froland, we support events and initiatives that strengthen the region.

Arendalsuka is an annual national meeting place for politics and business. Ever since the inception of Arendalsuka in 2012, Arendals Fossekompani has been a key supporter and main sponsor. https://arendalsuka.no

Canal Street
Canal Street in Arendal is an annual music festival featuring Norwegian and international artists. The festival uses the maritime environments and distinctive venues that the district has to offer. Arendals Fossekompani owns 25 percent of the company behind Canal Street and sponsors the festival. https://canalstreet.no

Frolandia features a swimming pool, bathing facilities and a wellness center. Arendals Fossekompani contributed financially to the realization of the facility which was opened in Froland municipality in 2011. https://www.froland.kommune.no/frolandia/

TEDx Arendal
TED is a global, non-profit organization working to spread good ideas, usually in the form of short lectures (18 minutes or less). TEDx are independent events originating from the TED movement. Arendals Fossekompani has for several years been a partner with TEDx Arendal, which has been recognized as one of the best TEDx organizers. http://www.tedxarendal.com